What to Know About: Bringing Liquids Through England

Okay, so if you’re native to the US and you have ever traveled domestically you may know that you can take a quart-sized bag full of small liquids no larger than 3.5 oz each. And you may even bring a couple of these bags filled with liquids and TSA doesn’t mind. If you’re used to this and you are planning a trip where you will be flying out of England be careful. I personally flew out of MAN their airport in Manchester.

I’m not sure about everywhere else, but at least if you’re coming from the US TSA is pretty lax about what you can carry with you through security in the sense that they don’t really care how much liquid you have and what they classify as a liquid. As long as nothing it larger than 3 or 3.5 oz. or whatever the maximum is TSA doesn’t care how much you bring through. For example, I usually take my small makeup bag and a gallon sized zip-lock bag, and they don’t say anything.

However when you are returning home from England they give you ONE 20cm x 20cm bag, which is TINY! I had all my liquids in a gallon sized zip lock back, and I know that’s too big, but usually when I’m flying in the US it’s fine and they don’t care, so I didn’t think it would be a problem. I had to throw away a bunch of stuff in order to save my more expensive makeup/liquids.

Also something I’ve never encountered at TSA is that they consider eyeliner, mascara, chapstick, and even inhalers liquids that have to all fit in one small bag. Which is ridiculous because obviously I can’t throw away something like my inhaler. It took up a lot of extra time because I had to throw a few things away and squish as much as I possibly could into this tiny bag, and then after my carry-on went through the x-ray machine they didn’t give it back right away on the other side because they needed to further inspect it. And a few of the things I didn’t think about that I left in my makeup bag the women grabbed them out and she took like 5 minutes just to fit them all in this tiny bag so I didn’t have to throw anything away, which I appreciated. But she had to rescan my bag and it took forever!

I noticed that most of the other people around me flying out were also having trouble with this, and a lot of people were having to throw their stuff away too.

Just keep this in mind when you’re packing everything up to leave England make sure you have everything packed in the right sized bag and only one zip-lock bag in your carry-on otherwise it could cost you extra time in security. Don’t bring any non-essential liquids with you either. For example I always bring my make-up but I typically end up not wearing any the whole trip because I don’t have time and I don’t care, and it ends up being wasted space in my bag.

Another way to completely get around all this chaos is to pay extra and check your bag. I don’t like checking my bags because of the risk of them getting lost, but it would probably have been worth it to do going out of Manchester.

I have never seen an airport do this in any other country I have visited so far, so just beware on your travels through England.

Thanks for listening to me rant about my experience in England, and I hope this helps you so you don’t have to go through the same thing I dealt with.

Comment down below any other airports that you have been through that did this on one of your trips.